pcidr is a small Perl web application for cidr net blocks calculation. Using javascript, it is easy to include pcidr to your web application. It is based on the cpan library Net::CIDR which allow to calculate cidr net blocks based on multiple cidr blocks or ip ranges. It also resolves overlapping cidr blocks.

Copyright and License

pcidr was released under the BSD license.
The copyright owner is Sxip Identity.

Sxip Identity provides identity management solutions that leverage the Sxip Network and drive Identity 2.0 infrastructure. Sxip enables enterprises to instantly provision and manage their users for secure access to their on-demand applications. Sxip empowers individuals to create and manage their online digital identities with a user-centric and decentralized approach to identity management, which is simple, secure and open for a truly distinct and portable Internet identity.


Installation instructions

pcidr runs in cgi or a mod_perl environment.

Following install instruction explains how to set
up pcidr in a cgi environment.

The example commands are good in a debian based operating
system. If you like to install pcidr on a different system
the example paths are different.

1. pcidr is based on some cpan modules. Use your
   cpan console to install following modules:
2. unpack the pcidr archive to a temporary folder:
   > cd /tmp/; tar xvzf pcidr.tar.gz

3. move the index.pl file to a subdirectory of your
   cgi-bin root directory:
   > mkdir /usr/lib/cgi-bin/pcidr
   > mv /tmp/pcidr/index.pl /usr/lib/cgi-bin/pcidr/
4. make sure that the index.pl file is executable:
   > chmod 755 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/pcidr/index.pl
5. move the pcidr modules to your perl include path:
   > mkdir /usr/local/lib/site_perl/PCIDR/
   > mv /tmp/pcidr/PCIDR/* /usr/local/lib/site_perl/PCIDR/
6. move the html part to a subdirectory of your web server
   root directory.
   (css, images, templates, example.html, pcidr_target.js)
   > mkdir /var/www/pcidr
   > mv /tmp/pcidr/* /var/www/pcidr/
7. check the path configuration in the constants.pm file:
   > vi /usr/local/lib/site_perl/PCIDR/constants.pm
   To keep up with this example change following values:
   PCIDR_TPLDIR   => '/var/www/pcidr/templates/'
   PCIDR_HTMLDIR  => '/pcidr/'

8. hit following page to see an example page which includes
9. have fun
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